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Stursan pump range

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Stursan Blender

Stursan Blender

The Stursan Blender series mixing pump is for mixing solid or powder into the liquid. It provides on-line perfect processing solutions for milk powder compounding, syrup making and brine making, etc. It also can be used for preparing solid and powder mixing, in the food and beverage, biopharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine making, cosmetics and chemicals.

Its working principle is simple: The mixer contains one tee sleeving, one impeller, one inner sleeving and a mixing chamber. Driving by motor, the impeller in mixing chamber rotates at high speed to throw around the mixture to create vacuum in the center of the impeller to inhale mediums into mixing chamber.

Solid medium is inhaled into mixing chamber through inner sleeving, and liquid medium is inhaled into mixing chamber through tee sleeving. Solid medium and liquid medium are separate by inner sleeving to prevent flocculation of solid and liquid medium by premature contact before inhaled into mixing chamber.

After fully mixed, the mixture is transported to mixer outlet by impeller. It asks mixer outlet keeping low pressure, in order to avoid cavitation and keeping higher work efficiency at the same time.

Is easy to maintain due to its clamp assembly and is easy to clean and desinfect.

Technical characteristics
  • Max. capacity powder: 9000kg/h
  • Max. capacity of thickeners: 3000kg/h (Depends on the viscosity and concentration of the material)
  • Max. temperature: 130ºC
  • Material: 304 /316L, 1.4301/1.4404, ASME BPE 316L,1.4435 BN2 Fe ≤ 0.5%
  • Surface treatment: ≤ Ra0.8 μ m, ≤ Ra0.6 μ m, ≤ Ra0.4 μ m,
  • Mechanical seal: Single mechanical seal and double mechanical seal
  • Mechanical seal combination: See configuration table
  • Inlet/Outlet connection: Thread, Clamp, Flange, Aseptic flange
  • Certification: CE EC 1935/2004